Important Steps to Starting a Business

businessStarting a business is possible with a proper business plan. It is necessary to write a plan with all details on how to build a business around that concept only. Business plan helps to discipline the business skills and decision making. Starting a business needs proper planning, decision on key financial factors and to complete a series of other legal formalities. Just get through these steps to make a best business plan and manage your business.

Write a Business Plan

Business plan is like a roadmap for the success of the business. A live document that projects for 3-4 years and gives an outline to the company to increase its revenues. Before introducing any business plan, do proper research for your business industry, competitors and market.

Get proper Business Assistance and Training

Take maximum benefit of free training and counseling services as these services prove helpful in the long term in the formulation of a business plan and to secure financing with expansion or relocation of a business.

Choose a Business Location

One of the important decisions is perhaps the business location as it has to be customer –friendly and stay within all zoning laws. Precise planning and research should be done to select appropriate location as different factors like demographics, assessing your supply chain, scoping the competition, staying within budget, understanding state laws and taxes affects business.

Make arrangements for Business Finance

Plan your business finances with different modes of finance like government loans, venture capital and other grants to start your business with the necessary capital.

Figure out the Legal Structure of Your Business

Take a decision on which form of ownership you would like to have like sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, non-profit organization and Limited Liability Company or a co-operative firm.

Register a Business Name

Always register your business with state government as it gives an independent identity to your business.

Get a Tax Identification Number

It is also necessary to obtain a Tax identification number (TIN number) and get the required IRS with your state revenue agency. Also register with your state government to get a TIN number, worker’s compensation, unemployment and insurance.

Obtain Business Licenses and Permits

Business license and permit is another necessity for the successful completion of a business plan and run a business smoothly. Make provision to obtain a federal, state and local license list and permits.

Understand Employer Responsibilities

Ensure that you are aware of all the employer responsibilities and implement them whenever required.

After implementation of all these steps, next very important step for the success of the business is to approach prospective investors. While approaching the investors for your business, always give due consideration to the amount of control you want to delegate. Equity financing is the best option when it comes to seed money usage and investors also get a partial ownership rights. Angel investors are also recommended as they become mentors to guide you in the new business and stays out from the daily management activities. Make sure to make optimum utilization of all available resources for the success of a business.

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