Converting Your Music to 432 Hz

It has been proved by some researchers, scientists, and science itself that everything, even our own bodies, is composed of energy that is vibrating at varied frequencies. With this, can we say that sound frequencies affect us? Surely, they do. Just as mixing the ingredients of one recipe with the other ingredients affects the overall taste of a meal, frequency itself affects frequency. Frequencies affect the physical world and how they do that, it has been shown through many kinds of experiments such as the Science of Cymatics, Water Memory, among others.

It is illustrated by the science of Cymatics that when sound frequencies travel through a specific medium like water, air or sand, it changes directly the vibration of matter. Here are some photos to demonstrate how particles adjust to varied frequencies.
How our own motives can transform the material world is what is also illustrated by the Water Memory. Dr. Masaru Emoto, who has also performed in some of his studies how the way water crystallizes is impressively molded by our simple motives through sound, thoughts and emotions, has in fact demonstrated this.

The fact that our body is estimated to be 70% water shows that all of us have a certain vibrational frequency, which is why we can tell that even our own vibrational state can be modified by musical frequencies. Although this may be called “pseudoscience”, but the science and patterns reflected here are reliable. Just as one drop of water can make a bigger ripple effect in a huge body of water, everything expressed through sound, thought or emotion has its certain frequency which affects everything surrounding it.
Considering this concept, why don’t we take a closer look at the frequency of the music that we listen to? Since the International Standards Organization (ISO) had publicized music in the year 1953, music around the world has been tuned to A=440 Hz. On the other hand, according to some studies about the vibratory nature of the universe, this pitch is not in harmony with nature’s natural resonance and may even bring forth bad effects on the behavior and consciousness of humans. Based on some theories, the Nazi Regime was thought to have supported the adaptation of this pitch as standard after scientific researches to distinguish which range of frequencies can best stimulate hostility and fear. Whether the argument is true or not, studies and observations have determined the benefits of tuning music to A=432 instead of A=440 Hz.

Studies show that 432 Hz, as far as mathematics is concerned, is consistent with the patterns of the universe. Researches and studies also reveal that 432 Hz tuning vibrates with PHI, the universe’s golden mean and merges the properties of time, light, matter, space, magnetism and gravity with biology, the DNA code, and even consciousness. When our DNA and our atoms begin to reverberate harmoniously with nature’s spiraling pattern, we can feel that we have that sense of connection to nature.
What is really the difference of 440 Hz from 432 Hz? Well, musicians and music lovers have noticed that music tuned in 432 Hz is not only more pleasing and harmonious to the ears, but it also gives a more inward, interesting experience inside the body specifically at the spine and heart. On the other hand, music tuned in 440 Hz produces a more mental and outward experience and is felt at the side of our head. According to audiophiles, 432 Hz music is likely to be non-local and can fully fill up a whole room while 440 Hz is distinguished to be directional or linear in sound propagation.


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