A Real-Life Superhero: 5 Year-Old-Boy Struck By An Aggressive Form of Cancer Wears Ninja Turtle Mask To Help Him Feel Brave During Chemotherapy

ninja curtle

When most kids dress up as their favourite superhero, it is more often than not just to play imaginary games with their mates in the back garden. However, for five-year-old boy Harley Renshaw, it’s for the sake of helping himself be brave while he goes through chemotherapy treatment for an aggressive form of childhood cancer.

Harley was diagnosed with cancer in his kidney, lung, bone and neck shortly after starting primary school and had to undergo 14 sessions of chemotherapy lasting three months. In the course of being treated at the Christie Hospital, Manchester, he had to wear a special face mask which he decorated like his favourite Ninja Turtle to help him feel brave.

Harley also made beads of courage and remained brave throughout his treatment. His mother Stacey Parker, 23 said: ”Not once did he complain about going for treatment. He has a big scar right across his belly which he calls his “pirate scar”. ”We couldn’t be any prouder of our boy.”

Harley’s illness was discovered just after he started school, when his mother took him to a walk-in clinic with a pain in his stomach. He was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of aggressive childhood cancer. After that he underwent a pioneering treatment at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. At the hospital he received 80 days of intensive chemotherapy, and then an operation to remove his kidney tumour.

After a month he was back at hospital for a stem cell transplant, fighting back from complications to go back home for his fifth birthday, before undergoing 14 days of radiotherapy. Right now he is facing a further five months of treatment as he is given five rounds of immunotherapy.

Harley received Cancer Research UK Little Star Award that is given to youngsters that have unique challenges that occur while they are fighting cancer.

– Found On Todayoutlook


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