10 People With Amazing and Extraordinary Superpowers

Mister Eat it All

Michael Lotito is known as ‘Monsier Mangetout’ which means ‘Mister Eat-it-All’. He possesses a stomach and intestine with walls twice the thickness of a normal human and his digestive acids are extremely powerful. He has eaten bicycles, glass, rubber, television sets as well as holding the Guiness World Record for eating a plane (which took 2 years) by simply cutting the items up and consuming them with oil and water.

Rain Man

Kim Peek died in 2009, but by this time he had perfectly memorized 12,000 books. He had become so good at memorizing information that he could read two pages at a time using one eye for each page. He is said to have had the best example of an eidetic memory/photographic memory and he could recall 98% of everything that he ever experienced in perfect detail. His story was the inspiration for the movie Rain Man, although he believed using his abilities for things such as gambling to be “unethical”.

The Incredible Insomniac

Although there are a handful of people from around the world who don’t sleep, Ngoc Thai is probably the best at it. At the age of 31 Ngoc Thai came down with a severe fever and has not slept since. That means he hasn’t slept since the 1970′s. His condition does not affect his physical nor mental health and doctors say he is completely healthy besides a slightly damaged liver. No matter how many sleeping pills he takes nothing can put him down.

X-Ray Girl

At age 10, Natasha Demkina developed the ability to detect the location and condition of her mother’s organs using only her eyes. Since then she has successfully detected cysts, ulcers and cancers in those who showed up at her door asking for health checks. When taken for a check-up at the hospital, Natasha even told the doctor about the scars on his body he’d attained from a car accident, that no one else could see at the time. Pretty impressive.

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