Man Transform His Fat Body To Flat In Just Eight Weeks For His Wedding

29 year old deputy editor of Men’s Fitness Ben Ince went from flabby to fit in eight weeks and also he dropped from 18 percent fat to 7 percent.

His trainer was Rich Phillipps who is director of Embody Fitness. Ben was desperate to get back in shape and look his best for his wedding day.

Phillipps forced Ben’s muscles to grow. He wearing a 20 kg chain around his neck during farmer’s walks to strengthen his upper back.

Ben’s fiance was thrilled with the results.

Ben’s workouts combined big compound moves such as the deadlift and bench press with strongman exercises.

As improving his posture, Ben had put on upper-body muscle too.

Ben’s story features in Get A Six Pack In 8 Weeks, available in Men’s Fitness.

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